Munnar is the most popular hill station in Kerala for tourists. For people who are not familiar with the location there are Munnar tour packages run by tour operators.The name ‘Munnar’ means three rivers. It is the place where three rivers meet. Unlike many other hill stations, Munnar has a pleasant climate throughout the year.This high altitude location is also a place where there are plenty of tea estates. It is possible to see big mountains entirely covered with tea cultivation which gives them a green appearance.

How to Reach Munnar ?
It is possible to reach Munnar by car or bus. The nearest major railway station is Aluva which approximately 120 km from Munnar. The nearest airport in Cochin airport which operates both domestic and international flights. This airport is approximately 110 km from Munnar.

Tourist Places to see in Munnar

Mattupetty : The major attraction of this place is the Mattupetty dam, which is surrounded by hills. Boating facility is available for tourists visiting this place. Both speed boats and ordinary motor boats are available to see and enjoy the natural surroundings of the area. A few kilometres ahead there is a grassland frequented by wild elephants. Again a few kilometers further ahead there is a place called Echo point where it is possible to hear echo if you shout aloud.

Kundala dam : This place is also ideal for boating. Pedal boating facility is available here. Many tourists come here for pedal boating. The calm waters and the surrounding mountains is a peaceful place for relaxing.

Eravikulam national Park : This national park is the place where it is possible to see the Nilgiri Tahr, which is an endangered species. This place is ideal for trekking. Neelakurunji plant which blooms once every twelve years is found here. When this event happens the mountains in this area becomes completely covered with blue flowers. This event is expected to take place here in 2018.

Anamudi : This is the highest peak in South India. This peak is situated close to Munnar. It is called Anamudi due to the shape of the peak. ‘Aana’ in local language means elephant. The peak resembles an elephant’s head.

Lakkom waterfalls : Along the route from Munnar to Marayur one can reach Lakkom water falls, which is also visited by many tourists. Here it is possible to see water cascading down the rocks.

Lock Hart view point : This place is located on the route from Munnar to Chinnakkanal. From this high altitude view point we can have a bird’s eye view of the valley below. It is also a halting place for tourists on the way to Chinnakkanal.

Chinnakkanal : There is a small water falls on the way. It is possible to halt on the road side and view the waterfalls and the surrounding tea estates.

Anayirangal dam : This dam is also a good spot for tourists to visit. The dam is surrounded by hills, tea estates and scenic natural landscape. From the dam site one can see mist covered lake, with tall mountains and tea gardens around.

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