Cochin or Kochi is a Port city in Kerala. The city consists of a large number of islands. As far as tourism in Cochin is concerned, this city has several places of historical importance and is one of the tourist destinations in Kerala. Cochin can be reached by road, rail, flight and by sea. It has airport, seaport, railway stations, bus terminals and boat jetty. It is the largest city in Kerala. This city is the major entry point for tourists visiting Kerala. It is also the biggest city in Kerala.

Cochin was an important location for spice trade. Chinese, Arabs, Potuguese, Dutch have been visiting Cochin for centuries. They have influenced Cochin to a great extend and their impact can still be seen like the Chinese fishing nets and Dutch palace.

Tourist Locations in Cochin

Bolgatty Palace : This ancient Palace was built by the Dutch in 1744. After the Dutch left India, this palace was an important place for British Governers and other high authorities. When India gained independence from the British, this palace became a Government property and later on it was converted as heritage hotel for tourists to stay.

Backwaters: The backwaters in Kochi are a wonderful sight to see. Cruising in a houseboat along the backwaters is a good experience for tourists. Other than houseboats there are also other boats that can carry several passengers at a time. Some of the boats have many entertainment activities.

Fort Kochi : There is a beach in Fort Kochi to see. There also many Resorts and home stay facilities in this region. There are widespread celebrations in Fort Kochi during New Year.

St. Francis Church : It was in this church that body of Vasco Da Gama was first buried. His body was later on taken to Potugal.

Jewish Synagoue : This synagogue was built in Cochin more than five hundred years ago. In the surrounding area around the Synagogue there are several shops that sell many antique items and jewelry.

Hill Palace : Thripunthura Hill Palace is situated very close to Kochi city. There is an archaeological museum here. This place was once upon a time controlled by the Rajas of Cochin. It is from here that they carried out their administration.

Chinese Fishing Nets : This was first introduced in Cochin several centuries ago by Chinese visitors who came to Cochin. They are large structures with fishing nets that are manually operated.

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