Kerala Monsoons

Kerala monsoons occur between the first week of June till the end of September.  This period is the major rainy season in Kerala.  During this period the number of tourists coming to Kerala are very less. However, the accommodation is available at very cheap rates during this period.  Also tourists have to pay less tax compared to the tourists season.

Tourists who like to see the monsoon rains come to Kerala during this period.  During this periods all the rivers in Kerala are full of water.  This is the best time to see the waterfalls in Kerala.

Kerala monsoons also cause floods in some areas. Some areas get cut off by rain water causing several inconveniences. In spite of these problems there are several people who enjoy seeing the monsoons. There are many people who visit during this period.

It is predicted that monsoons will be normal and that Kerala will receive sufficient rainfall. Sufficient monsoon rains in Kerala and the rest of India will be good for the economy.