Kerala Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient treatment practiced India using herbal medicines. Ayurveda aims at prolonging life. In Ayurvedic system there are three elements called doshas in the body, they are vatha, kapha and pitha. If one of these doshas exceeds a certain level then the end result is disease. Ayurveda focuses on keeping these doshas within certain limits so that the body remains healthy. In Kerala Ayurveda was practiced for thousands of years and it is still practiced widely in many places.There are also many tourists who come to Kerala for ayurveda treatments. There are a large number of ayurveda resorts in Kerala for such tourists. Most of these resorts are located in important tourist destinations. The advantage is that tourists can visit popular tourist places and also undergo treatments. They feel completely relaxed during the stay.

Ayurveda treatment includes herbal medicines taken orally. Oil massage with medicated oil is also practiced for healing many ailments. The treatment varies from one week to a couple of months. The best time to practice ayurveda is during the monsoon season.