Kerala backwaters are a major attraction for tourists. The backwaters and the coconut trees that surround them are a wonderful sight to see. Cruising along the calm backwaters is a unique experience for tourists. The peaceful stay in a houseboat and cruise along the backwaters, far away from the noise and rush of the city, is extremely relaxing. It is here that tourists can settle down for a peaceful vacation in the midst of the natural beauty of the backwaters. There are  accommodation facilities close to the backwaters. They include resorts  and hotels,

About Kerala Backwaters

The backwaters are a lake like water body covering a very large area in Kerala. The Backwaters are situated close to the coastal area. They were formed by water from numerous rivers that flow from the Western Ghats. The water that flows from these rivers reaches the backwaters and finally flows into the sea. As result the water in the backwaters are brackish. Due to the brackish nature several unique varieties of fish are found here.  Some varieties of these fish are served along with meals in this area.

Boat Races

Many boat races are held in these backwaters. The most important boat racing event is the Nehru trophy which is held in August every year. In addition to Nehru trophy there also several other boat races that are held in different parts of Kerala. The boats races are held for boats of different categories. The most interesting boat race is the snake boat race. The snake boats are unique to Kerala. It is a very long and narrow boat nearly hundred feet length and they are rowed by nearly 100 men in a synchronous manner. It is called snake boat because of its length and appearance.